Different between PHY and MAC Throughput?

Can someone help me, what is differences between PHY and MAC throughput of MIMOSA B5?

When i have been testing of PHY throughput is (tx/rx) 180/90. i mean why the throughput is not same as the PHY? the real throughput just (tx/rx) 50/25.

Hi Dubessa,

There is a detailed description of how to translate PHY (Layer 1) to MAC (Layer 2) based on TDMA settings here: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-faq-what-is-mac-throughput

In your case, multiply the PHY rate in each direction by 80% to account for MAC efficiency at 4ms and then again by 50% to account for traffic split.

It looks like there are some fundamental problems to focus on in the MIMO Status section. For best performance, you want 30 dB SNR per chain, but it appears that the noise is quite high on the selected channels. Our suggestion would be to choose smaller channel size and avoid the signals from other radios by selecting channels with less interference. The spectrum analyzer on the Channel & Power page will help with this.

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