Disable data flow but keep access to AP/client?

i have bridge with B5-lite, everything working good, but i need temporary disable connectivity. optimal for me would be somehow disable ethernet port on remote client, but i have no option in interface to do so. other option - block client from connecting temporarily (i unable to just power-off it, as both installed remotely). change password is also not a good option as i do not know it, and i will be unable to update it on remote location.

any suggestions how i can block data flow but still have connectivity to AP/client (shutdown radio on AP, or ethernet port on client)?

I don’t think the B5-lite has anything like that so you will have to make something of your own.

If you have access to the customer router you could force it to only do 1 gig full on it’s WAN port and then set your CPE to 100 meg on it’s Ethernet port.

Another option would be to put a small router/firewall behind the AP and set it to block all traffic that isn’t the AP or CPE. While costlier, this would probably be the better solution.

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There sure needs to be a way to shut down an ethernet port. On a small WISP network this is how customers are sometimes disconnected for non-payment.

How about setting the customer VLAN to a non-data VLAN? You just have one that doesn’t go anywhere, or if you are feeling like doing a bit of work you could set up a capture portal and let people know they have been shut off and to call your office and pay up.