Disconnecting every 3 hours

Hi all,

Can anyone help me troubleshoot an issue whereby my link with 2 x B5s drops almost exactly every 3 hours?
Can I send the logs to someone?

What do you mean by “drop”?

Are you unable to ping it?

Does it stop passing traffic?

Are the radios reporting that they are rebooting?

Is the link uptime being reset?

Do you see anything interesting in your logs?

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hi- thanks for the reply.

drop as in the link breaks and disconnects. ‘station’ always goes down before the ‘AP’
unable to ping
yes, no traffic at all
radios don’t report that they are rebooting
uptime does reset, almost every 3 hours
logs are not too helpful really. just lots of “lost gps” errors
i have swapped over the POE injectors. I am hoping that now the AP goes down before the station, so I know it’s a POE injector problem - have seen some POE injector failures before on here.

Ya, we have had some PoE Injector failuers, but in our case it was because we were overheating them pretty badly.

Weird that you are loosing GPS, do your radios have a clear line of sight to the sky?

Would you mind posting a picture of your Channel and Power page from the AP and the Client?

Are you using the Mimosa PoE injectors or another brand?

If another brand what kind are they? How do they get power?

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yep, good line of sight. does the GPS position affect the radio performance?
right now the station GPS is good but it thinks the AP is in the middle of the Indian Ocean :confused:
we are using the mimosa POE injectors.

I have zabbix running and you can see the 3 hour drop clearly here:

Doesn’t look like it is down for very long.

Could you show me the “Channel & Power” Screen from the radios themselves?

Also on the radios themselves, under Management >> Miscellaneous there is a firewall setting, is it on or off?

While you are in the Management screen, do you have the Watchdog turned on?

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this is interesting, the AP is now the first one that disconnects, since swapping the POE injector with the station. surely points at POE injector fault?

watchdog is off
firewall is on

yep, less than a minute, still annoying though

scrap that. this disconnection was a power outage to that particular building.

so power cycling the POE injectors does seem to have helped. why would power cycling the POE injectors give a different result to simply rebooting the APs via the web interface? Could the POE injectors be faulty or overheating?

Try turning off the firewall.

I am not sure yet why the PoE swap changed the outage pattern. Did you swap the AP PoE before the Client PoE?

what does turning the firewall off actually do? what sort of attacks does it prevent? wouldn’t a potential hacker have to get through the UTM first?

I don’t think it was the POE swap that changed the outage pattern. It was simply the fact that both POE injectors were power cycled.

The firewall can be overly sensitive sometimes and get in the way of diagnostics. You should be fine leaving it off for diagnostics.