Disconnecting pppoe connection in auto mode

We use pppoe for clients in our network. We exchanged the entry line for Mimosa B24. The distance is 160m, the signal corresponds to the target signal, the connection does not break and everything goes fine. But if I leave the traffic split in “auto” mode, the pppoe connections are falling apart. We monitor it for all clients connected to the connection, the PPpoe connection is established, but the failure is also noticeable from the client when it tells us that the internet is not working.
If I set traffic split to “50/50” mode, there is no downtime.
Other settings in the link section, we have the same for both examples.
Do you have any experience with this? Will you help me?
Thank you

Hi @Martin,

This sounds like an issue with temporary link disconnects in Auto mode. I have a beta version of firmware that resolves this. This firmware should also be available for general use sometime next week.

If you would like a copy of the beta firmware, please email me at dustin@mimosa.co

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