Do PtMP CPEs have Router/NAT mode?

Quick question.

I am currently a run a 99% UI network and am excited about the possibilities of the new A6x and C6x AX product line. I have some on preorder to test as I am looking to choose a future replacement platform from my current AirmaxAC network.

One question I have is the way my network is designed relies heavily on the CPE having built-in router/nat mode. The CPE gets a public IP and then the CPE gives a private IP to the customer’s router.

Do the current Mimosa CPEs support that? Does the upcoming C6x? If not are there any plans to add that mode?

Without that mode it will increase our deployment costs even more than they would be by the higher priced C6x CPEs alone. CPEs which also require me to buy a power supply and high gain dish separately greatly increasing the deployments costs already.

No, there is no Router/NAT mode in Mimosa radios. As far as I am aware there is no plans to add it either.

In my opinion it’s a terrible system that eats up CPU time on a device that really should only have one job, moving packets across a wireless link.

Depending on your network layout, you could simply avoid the issue with VLANs or DHCP Option 82.

I disagree on your assessment of its value, but that does answer my question.

FYI, if you are already a Ubiquiti shop, your existing power supplies (24v) will work just fine with the Mimosa C5x. I actually prefer them over Mimosa’s because they tie into the houses ground and prevent electrical shocks from coming through the power lines and zapping the router and the power supply.

If you do decide to go Mimosa, I would recommend using RF Element’s Starter Dishes StarterDish™ UM Antennas » RF elements
Probably the biggest frustration I have with Mimosa is their lack of a mount that gives you proper Up/Down adjustment.

Another note: Mimosa CPE can take quite a while 5-10 min, to finish booting up and connect to the AP. Unlike Ubiquiti which sometimes will reconnect in less then a minute. Finally, if your installers have been spoiled (like mine) with Ubiquiti’s AC Gen 2’s management radio, they will hate loosing it. It’s been a feature request that I have made annually since Ubiquiti came out with their management radio.

Thanks for the input. I am not looking at the A5 or C5x line. If I am going to move from AirmaxAC it will be either LTU (not really that impressed) or either Mimosa’s or Cambium’s AX products.

Just informing you of shortcomings I’ve seen. The C6x should have similar power requirements to the C5x, the GPS radio that it will have won’t be all that much of a power hog so re-using power supplies should be possible. I typed “C5x” out of habit. That said, we don’t even have the specification sheet yet, so this is all guess work. I am asking the Mimosa guys right now to see though.

I thought the C6x did have a spec sheet.

According to it the C6x needs 48V. Is that spec sheet not final?

Had not seen that. Cool.

Bummer. It requires 48v… Guess I was wrong.

Yep. So with having to move to 48v along with either changing my network setup or providing a router to every customer due to lack or router/nat mode the move to mimosa AX might not be very straight forward.

Plus the added costs vs other vendors equipment might make it only useful for new sites and not for converting existing clients.

I will still test the equipment, but I might wait for further details about Cambiums AX product to see if it would be a better fit for site upgrades before I decide on my next platform going forward.