Do we have a bad B24 unit?

We setup a couple of B24 units in our shop and no mater what we do the signal is about a -81 on one side and the other side is showing a -37.

Initially we had fairly even signals on each side, then it just changed to being bad on one side.

It is like the transmitter is failing on one side, or are we missing something?

I would hard set your B24’s power and make sure they are directly pointed at each other w/ no obstructions in the path. 24 GHz can easily be reflected and other weird stuff happen to it it is very much LOS.

That said, the antenna could have been damaged or have some other issue in it. You might want to chat with Mimosa Support and see if they have any ways of testing the antennas I might be unaware of.

We actually did seem to have a bad unit. After getting a new one in, all our problems went away.

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