Don’t make the same mistake I did… my vendor offered to get these in my hands faster if I covered air-shipping. Received 6 A6’s and 20 C6x’s, plug in the first A6, typical mimosa needs firmware uploaded.

No big deal, jump on website to grab it… no firmware. Support offline, no big deal, leave a message. Get tired of waiting, so I open chat this morning to get an answer. Support says THERE IS NO GA FIRMWARE AVAILABLE. Mimosa released these into the wild without firmware. No beta firmware available, no release date of GA firmware available. Support called it an “inconvenience”. I call it theft.

@Jaime , @DustinS How on earth did you release a product for shipment that is unusable? When can I expect these currently very expensive bricks to be functional?

Yeah, just figured that out. :frowning:

Since Mimosa won’t respond, I’ve begun contacting Airspan… Maybe they’ll listen.

Were sitting on door stops also, we’ve also heard through one of our vendors that there are some issues with the A6 and 6ghz frequencies, and they potentially may not ever be authorized for them.

If that’s the case, we’ll kiss Mimosa goodbye. It’s complete insanity… They’ve been marketing these like they are generally available for over a year.

Hi all,

I’m sorry. I know you’re all frustrated and I can tell you I’m frustrated for you. I’ve been giving the GA candidate release version of firmware out since this past weekend. If you didn’t already get a copy of this, I can certainly send it to you. Just let me know.

The GA release of this firmware will be available in the next day or so. It was posted to the cloud platform but there is an ongoing issue with the download page.

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I recommend getting the A6 if youre able to. The frustration is only temporary but after working with the Mimosa team and Dustin, I was able to onboard and deploy a test link at about a mile, 40MHz and obtained speeds of 420/350 and 7ms ping.

This is a huge step for our company and we look forward to our Mimosa A6 deployment.

Patience is key and like all new things, it takes time to familiarize yourself with it!


Is this a rural or urban environment that you had this kind of performance? I have a small WISP in a city and the A6 stuff looks really interesting. I’m mostly AirMax AC gear and the LTU was worthless in the city with the noise floor.

Well, I am still waiting on my unit from Double Radius since June 2022. I assume that is not a bad thing since no GA SW yet

We can’t get it passed about 112 Mbps (1.25 miles from tower we’ve tried 40 mhz/20 mhz channel widths), the AP doesn’t know the clients connected it shows disconnected when it’s attached. Obviously this is beta firmware we get that but currently our A5/C5 gear outperforms it on the same tower, same channel, same width (185 Down, 100 Up C5x). Pings are clean either way 8-12 ms.

No clients on the AP happens when hooked to the secondary SSID on the AP.

any update on that problem?

Can you update on your test with A6?

We can get about 200 Mbps down through a 40mhz wide channel in a very very clean spot on the edge of town. On a noisy tower were lucky to break 120 Mbps that’s why we’ve started to deploy Tarana we waited to long for to little, no vlans, no snmp, essentially no way to monitor the A6/C6x’s in the field. Hopefully the firmware catches up but for now were shelving it, we also are testing the Cambium epmp 6ghz that shipped with working vlan’s.

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@Shawn1 We’re seeing similar results in the field. Around 200 Mbps on 40 in a clean environment. Noisy environment is seeing sub 100 with modulation rates all over the place. We’re also seeing huge variations in ping rates in the more noisy environments. Maybe TDMA and extended frequencies fixes this, but I don’t have months to wait for firmware to mature and the AFC to be fleshed out. We were hoping to use this in our Urban market, but we’re now testing a Terragraph solution as an alternative.

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Mine has also the same result. Impossible to get more than 200-300 mbps in a very clean area. It looks like a beta version of the real product.

We saw crazy ping from 4ms to 800ms pingning the AP from the CPE.

Random disconnection too, I hope they will fixe this soon. Maybe in 3.1.3

A couple weeks ago Dustin was saying that there was a beta release that shouldve been available that week (meaning it should have been out for at least 2 weeks now). Apparently the beta release was supposed to fix most of these issues. Has anyone actually seen it?

A few weeks ago the beta 3.1.3 was going to come out and the last we heard from @DustinS is that there was a problem with the vlan part. We prefer that the latency, distance, random disconnections part be resolved and that the vlans part be resolved later.

i aggree with you, @DustinS said “instead of non working beta its better to wait and release a working beta”, well mimosa should have wait until they have a working product first then ship it, lets hope they release a working firmware soon.

any update about working firmware for A&/C6x and some on-field tests?