Downgrade B5C to 1.5.1

I need to do a donwgrade to firmware 1.5.1 for an AP B5C. Can you help me please?

1.5.1 isn’t available anymore because there were serious regulatory changes as well as some security issues released since.

I am running 2.8.x firmware on my B5c links and they have all been pretty stable, TBH, I wouldn’t want to go back to 1.5.x firmware because of all the extra features in 2.8.x. Why do you need 1.5.1?

AP damage. When replacing we have different firmwares. The site is somewhat remote.

I’ll see if there’s any magic to be worked. Give me some time.

Hi @Miguel3

It depends on when your new B5c was manufactured. Please direct message me the serial number of the unit and I’ll see when it was made. If it was before a certain date, I can get you the firmware.