Dual POE in Option - MDU use case


I have a number if customers that end up being in the same building due to deploying in multi dwelling units (MDUs) which gives me 2 install options. 1) Either install a dedicated radio for each unit or 2) try to work with the landlord to get access to a closet with common power. At the end of the day landlords suck and are simple/greedy/close minded and better to avoid working with anymore then you have to.

Is there any sort of switch that will take PoE in on multiple ports and provide PoE out just on a single port that ends up connected to only 1 c5?

So far I cannot find anything on the market that would allow for power to be provided from a number of sources.

If there was a multi PoE in solution we could avoid the shared closet and also not have to worry about 1 special customer being the one the provides power.

Thank you.

You might want to look at:

Can put out up to 15W on the passive POE port. Uses 24V with pins 4/5+ and 7/8-

One more side note in case local power adapter is an option for you, we have tested this unit with passive POE in and with the 24V DC power adapter connected at the same time and all tests switching back and forth between the power sources were successful. Goes without saying but this dual power scenario does require that the POE in port is not needed to carry data or that an alternate data path is available. Have not tested it with a link-agg group yet.

Mikrotik recently announced that they were going to be making a switch specifically for this kind of deployment. But we don’t know when it will be hitting the market.

What you can do in the meantime is use one of those reverse PoE injector deals and power the switch and have Ethernet over either cable going to the customers units.

Check out Netonix switches. They are very popular with WISP’s \

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Only the WS-6-MINI has PoE and I want to say that I read that you were not supposed to hook up power on both inputs at the same time, but I am not certain why that would be the case or if it really would be an issue.

I am probably not understanding what Derek is trying to achieve? I am not sure why would he need to power the switch from multiple sources? I would understand if he needs to power multiple radios, in the scenario he described. So it is possible that my recommendation is of base. But, Derek, if you need to power multiple radios and power the switch from one source, than I would highly recommend you look into Netonix.

@Dusan, the issue he is trying to solve is occasions where he has multiple customers inside the same building.

Normally you just have 1 antenna per customer and life is all well and good, but there are plenty of occasions where a building might have multiple dwellings inside of it. So instead of having multiple antennas setup, @Derek1 is trying to have a single antenna feed both customers. The only disadvantage is that if he only powers the antenna from one customer and they shut off the power the other customer also looses connection.

So to resolve this he is wanting to pull power from both customers and basically have redundant power to the antenna.

Thanks for the feedback. The dual POE feed idea is better then nothing but it sounds like that mikrotik switch might be what I am looking for if they ever do release it.


Hi there!!, I think that what you’re looking for is what’s called a Reverse POE Switch. You can use the power coming from any of the 7 ports (POE in) in a 8 ports switch and power on the switch itself and 1 (POE out) port for the uplink radio.

Here in our country is very used in that same scenario that you’re describing with the MDU deployments. Normally, we deploy the 1A 24V POE unit from ubiquiti or mikrotik to each customer and any that is turn on will power the switch and the uplink radio without issue.

I can’t recall the exact brand name or model, but in Alibaba or Aliexpress you find several units with different voltages.

Hope this helps!!


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Hello Christian,

This is indeed what I am looking for. I had not looked on aliexpress though.

Thank you,

I think this is what your are looking for ,