EIRP limits for the B5-Lite


Will the EIRP limits for the B5-Lite be the same as for the B5 in the US (i.e. 40 dBm and 30 dBm in DFS)?


Apparently not… the specs are listed here

BTW, B5-Lite is now shipping !

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the question. The B5-Lite is subject to the same EIRP limits as the B5/B5c. This document explains the limits:



Well, not really. The radios are subject to the same rules, but each radio is separately tested and gets its power levels approved based on its tests. B5-Lite, which is also the C5, was given its own approval.

The good news is that Mimosa’s approved levels are not bad at all, especially given how some competitors’ radios came out.
It’s approved for +23 dBm output (thus +43 EIRP) on U-NII-3, and just a hair lower on U-NII-1. Of course U-NII-2 is hard-limited at +30 anyway.
The B5 is approved for slightly lower power on U-NII-3 but more EIRP, given its 25 dB antenna. On U-NI-1, it’s limited to around +41 dBm EIRP.