End User Setup Point to Point Question

Here is the situation:

  • House A has ISP provided broadband connection (~25 Mbps)
  • House B has no ISP provided internet service.
  • Distance between house A and house B is ~600 yards
  • Elevation difference is <10 meters with house B being slightly more elevated.

My hope is for house A to secure a second 25 mbps connection from the ISP and beam that to house B. To do this, will I only need two C5 units and presumably two J mounts to attach at the roof eaves of each house?

Is the connection simply Cat5 from ISP router to C5 unit 1 (at house A), then Cat5 from C5 unit 2 to router in house B?

Below is the path analysis.

I hope this is clear. I appreciate any help available.



Hi Zach,

There is no PTP firmware for C5, so the better path would be to use B5-Lite (2 in a box with mounts and PoEs included). Input/Output from B5-Lite is Ethernet, so the PoEs can be connected to the routers in each house.

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That is good news, I’m glad I asked. Thank you for your help!



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Hi, I have very similar case:

I want to give internet to my neighbour, but he dont have LOS to my A5c, so Im thinking to install an B5lite from another neighbour that he has LOS to my A5c, but what I can do if I want to give internet to 2 neighbours from the house that has LOS to my A5c? 2 B5Lite on same mast plus the C5 actually that have my other friend, is too much impact talking about aesthetic considerations.


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If the neighbors are OK with sharing the bandwidth, you could consolidate the traffic at Neighbor 1’s house so that there are fewer antennas.

Neighbor 2 (NLOS): B5-Lite to Neighbor 1
Neighbor 1 (LOS): B5-Lite to Neighbor 2, switch/router, C5 to A5 on your house
Your House (LOS): A5

The other option is to convince Neighbor 1 that antennas are beautiful works of engineering art.
Offering a discount to Neighbor 1 is another strategy, assuming they are paying you.

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Hi, Chris that is the situation:

Neighbor 1: LOS to my A5c, actually he has an C5 installed connected to my A5c.
Neighbor 2: NLOS to my A5c, but LOS to neighbor 1 and LOS to my house.
My house: NLOS to my A5c, but LOS to neighbor 1&2.

So, if I want to use Mimosa´s gear, the only options are:

Neighbor 1: B5lite to neighbor 2 and another extra B5lite to my house.( same mast with 3 antennas )
Neighbor 1: B5lite to my house.
My house:. B5lite to neighbor 2.

this is right?

Another good option, shouldbe an “special edition firmware” for a B5lite supporting AP mode for 2 B5lites or 2 C5 ( in terms of hardware I think are the same )

Neighbor 1: C5 to my A5c (LOS)
1 B5Lite AP “special edition” ( only 2 antennas on same mast, so less visual impact. )
Neighbor 2&my house: 1 C5 on each one house or 2 B5Lite, ( less expensive with 2 C5 )

Anyone of them dont pay for the internet acces, are friends :wink:


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The B5-Lites are the cheapest solution for the topology you describe.

Unfortunately, we do not have a special firmware to turn a B5-Lite into a PTMP AP. This would not work well anyway unless Neighbor 2 and your House are within 14 degrees of each other relative to Neighbor 1 due to the B5-Lite antenna pattern.

You could replace the two B5-Lites on Neighbor 1 with one A5-14 if the number of antennas was the only problem, but the cost would be higher.

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