Equipment Monitoring

What metrics are you monitoring on your Mimosa gear? Please state platform, what function (PtP, AP, CPE, WiFi, etc.), what OIDs or other parameters.

I can’t upload my zabbix templates here, but here are some snapshots of my backhaul monitoring (the backhaul template inherits the base, which inherits SNMP interface discovery and ICMP monitoring with critical level alerts). I don’t have a template for A5s yet because they didn’t have SNMP when I was putting this together. :confused:

Happy to answer questions or supply the XML files.

Here are sample data from some B5s, they are still running 1.3.x. I recently had to install a beta firmware to keep B5cs running 1.4.6 from crashing, this is why I don’t upgrade them unless there’s a compelling reason. The 1.4.1+ firmwares require a different template because they changed some stuff, but this will give you some idea anyhow.

As you can see the 1.3.1 FW is reporting some clearly bogus stuff, like an RX noise that’s 20 dB higher than the signal.

When a new radio is installed we typically go in and set up PHY rate thresholds, signal and noise thresholds, etc, so we are alerted if things go out of whack.