Error b5c 100mb

my b5c is modulation only 100mb. help

Hi, more information? screenshots?


only this!

see log

What cable and rj45 do you use?

I would check the ends and the cable first, maybe something to do with the PoE injector (actually that is a pretty decent possibility)

cat5e - prysmian draka and rj45 with gold microns

I tried it with official mimosa poe and tested other brands, it didn’t work as it should

I will insert cat6 - nexans, and rj45 cat6 nexans with gold microns.
What do you think?

cat6a is recommended.

What are you plugging the B5c into? Switch? Router? How long are each of your cables?

I would try another device and if that has the same issue see if you can take a laptop to where the B5c is and plug it in there (make sure to remove the PoE Injector, could damage your computer) see if you can get something else to negotiate 1000 Mbps.

If that doesn’t work then it’s probably a cable (don’t forget to check both cables, the one between your radio and PoE injector as well as the one between your PoE injector and your network equipment)

If the Laptop is able to negotiate 1000 Mbps then there could be a problem with you B5c.

OK. I will insert it in place and check the result after

can static energy cause a problem with it?

I have heard FM radio transmitters can cause issues. Static could damage the electronics, which is why Mimosa is pretty big on grounding everything well.


see now.

Cat6? or is it the Cat5e?

Well, ya, I saw the original picture. The next steps are to diagnose where the issue is and then take steps to resolve it.

Check all the cables

Check to verify another piece of equipment doesn’t experience the same issue on the cables you are using.

Check the network equipment you are plugging into

Also, how long is the cable you are using?

ok, tomorrow i will install cat6 and check the ground.
After completing the changes I will be posting the result here

now it’s cat5e. But it will be replaced by cat6

Before replacing the cable make sure that it is actually this piece that is causing the problem. CAT6 cable isn’t cheap and if there is a problem elsewhere in the link it won’t do much to solve the issue.