Error in Headings (Azimuth)

Just recently sent a crew out to install a PTP link that I had designed using the design tool. After doing the design I printed the Installation report and sent to the installer. The installer did what the report said on Site A and then realized when they got to Site B that if they followed the report the 2 radios would be pointed exactly opposite of each other. After pulling the report back up, I realized that the azimuths were 180 degrees off.

You sure they were not backwards? I just pulled up one of my reports for a PTP link we just setup and it looks right. I double checked it with this website: and they duplicate what I get from the Mimosa report tool. From the extensiveness of the webpage I linked to it could be a bug with your location. Apparently calculating heading is a bit more complicated then I thought.

Hi Tommy,
I will email you from our support system. I would like to review your report and try to replicate the issue. Sorry you had trouble with it and I’m glad you were able to set up the link.

I pulled them back up and they are correct now. There was something going on with the system that day causing the maps and graphics not to load properly as well. Attached are before and after copies of the report. I don’t know what caused it but it was messed up as you can see. It seems to be working correctly now, but it cost me an extra day of climbing crew.

I also experienced this the other day. When I was setting up my B24 links.