Error update C5C PTP by PTMP

good morning
By mistake I updated my remote C5C radio in PTP mode to the PTMP firmware and lost total connection, my radio is 30KM away, is it possible to pass the PTP as PTMP AP to be able to detect and change firmware?
Is there any other solution to not have to move and change the firmware on the remote radio?

Thank by help

I have not used a C5c for PTP so I do not know what happens when you go from PTMP to PTP.

I do not think you can run an A5 in PTP Mode, you might be able to setup another C5c in PTP nearby the A5 and hope the remote C5c will connect to it, or if the default is that the C5c becomes the AP then you might be able to connect to it.

Good luck, I would be curious to know if you decide to try fixing the link with another C5c.