ETA for B6 or ANY PTP w/ 6 Ghz?

Subject says it all.

When will any PTP options with 6 GHz channels be available?

Hello Mimosa??? Any ETA for PTP B6 or???

Is the A6 now EOL and going in dumpster?

I would like to know too!

It has been 42 days and Mimosa can not respond?

Holy Canole! What is the story with the A6?

An explanation for the $%#@!!! A6 debut and a ETA for usable firmware with 6 GHz channels would be appreciated…
Did someone die?

I 2nd the 2.5 or even 10 Gbps ethernet ports.


Mimosa has said AFC support and subsequently 6GHz usage would be expected in the 3rd quarter I believe. If you need to use 6GHz for testing the product you can apply to your country’s regulatory body that handles RF licenses and apply for an experimental license. This is what I’ve done.

The firmware seems to be coming along from what I’ve seen in the latest beta. Questions I’ve asked regarding eta on some of the bigger missing features such as SRS/TDD mode were answered and if I remember right I was told 2-3rd quarter for more of those bigger software features to make it to GA. I think all of what I’ve mentioned was answered in the forum so you can also check around for those answers too.

If you need 10Gbps data link then might I recommend maybe trying a 10Gbps SFP+ transceiver. There is a SFP+ port on the A6 so you should be able to put one in. If you need copper then you can drop in a 10Gbps ethernet port SFP+ transceiver however I’d recommend going optical at those speeds for just the added extra negotiation reliability. I personally have not tried this before yet as we are still going through our testing and just running 1Gbps off the Poe port but my assumption is it should work just like any other SFP+ with some transceiver manufacturer incompatibilities here and there like anything else SFP.

None of this necessarily addresses when the B6 is coming but from some things I’ve read I think 3rd quarter. Mimosa will know best though

From what I can tell in the market Mimosa is the only manufacturer that has been selling their 6GHz 160MHz channel 8x8 MU-MIMO PTMP product. From what I’ve read at the other vendors and from reps, the others aren’t expecting to release theirs until 3rd or 4th quarter so I’m appreciating what I already have to work with versus what’s not on the market yet. The testing I’ve been doing performance wise is good on 3.2.0beta4 and I can only assume Mimosa will continue toward a feature complete firmware since this is what they have been showing us with the firmware development and communication. I understand It’s hard to be patient, I think it will be worth it though.

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