Ether link down and up

I don’t know what to do with my b5c , i bought 2 mimosa b5c and i have the same problem, link on link off ( ether port i mean ) please help

We too seem to see this problem more with Mimosa then other vendors. First is to ensure you’re on the latest firmware.

Second, you should make sure you’re using quality Ethernet cables and decent connectors.

And try to get your PoE injector as close to the unit as possible, I have found the power drops over long Ethernet links can cause issues with some devices.

Lastly, you can try turning off Auto-Negotiation on your switch and/or B5c or both.

This problem goes back years. We ended up replacing the B5c’s with other manufacturers. I will say that I believe if you put a mikrotik PowerBoxPro right at the radio/dish with a short jumper to the mimosa you will get better stability on the Ethernet port. We found on the B11s if we ran fiber to them there were no up/down port issues at all. The only Mimosa radios we use now are the B11s because of this up/down problem. Good Luck.