Ethernet Flapping

Has Mimosa fixed its Ethernet port flapping issues yet ? I am afraid to buy anymore of their product. I have done every possible solution that has been posted and still have issues. The equipment I have is from an earlier manufacturing date so I am wondering if they have fixed the issues in later manufacturing dates? I am running B5c’s and B11’s. If they have not I will go ahead with Ubiquity for the replacements, I know they work but I like the radio side of Mimosa better.

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I have 4 B11s running in my network and we have not had issues with port flapping since we fixed our power issues. (power supplies were overheating)

Even then, it was an intermittent issue for us and not regular like some people have described. What are your specific issues/setup?

I would say that Mimosa radios are much more stable now Ethernet-wise. We do still suggest you follow our guidelines on our page which includes:

Shielded CAT cable
Grounding the radio via ground lug and NID

Dear Dustin,
As mentioned in my original post, I have done everything that people and Mimosa have suggested. No need to repeat the same line of “follow our guidelines”. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to try and make this work with very limited or short term success. The Netonix switches just stopped the OSPF from flapping when the Mimosa ports flapped because the Netonix kept the port on the router up.

You say the “Mimosa radios are much more stable now Ethernet-wise”. Is this because of software changes or were hardware changes made that you think this? Or have people just given up? I was at a major wireless equipment distributor the other day, (I’m lucky to live close by their main offices in Indian Trail, NC), they are not stocking your equipment there anymore, apparently not enough people asking for it.


Hi @Dave1,

I am very familiar with DoubleRadius. When I myself was an ISP, I used DoubleRadius exclusively for equipment I needed. DoubleRadius is a reseller of Mimosa gear, not a distributor. Most resellers “drop-ship” from their distributor instead of actually stocking the equipment.

As for Ethernet stability, we have made improvements on both hardware and software. We’re always actively trying to improve our products.

For your point of me repeating myself, it’s unfortunate but I always have to. Nine times out of ten, when I visit a customer site, its because cabling isn’t terminated correctly.

You and anyone else having negotiation and flapping issues are more than welcome to come into Mimosa Support chat. They are pretty good at diagnosing the issue, and if it’s a Mimosa one, are more than happy to replace the unit.

So you are saying ya’ll have made changes to the Ethernet hardware then?

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Without insider knowledge, I would bet that they have either fixed something in hardware or fixed a manufacturing issue.

Looking back through the forums and my own limited experience with the B Line, I would say Mimosa has changed something.

Much much fewer people are commenting about B line Ethernet issues.(unless they run Cisco) Which means either no one is buying the B Line from Mimosa, which I am pretty sure is not the case because of all the B product questions that keep popping up, or Mimosa has fixed whatever their issues were. My bet is on the latter, a lot of people recommend their support as being pretty good and they have been good to me and other people I have sent to them.


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some confirmation on that though huh ?

Of course that’s never going to happen. The only company I’ve seen admit that they f’d up badly (and did two full channel recalls to resolve the issues) was IgNite.

I doubt we will ever see Mimosa saying “yeah our Ethernet ports suck so badly that they barely work, but we fixed the hardware issue that EVERYONE knows we had despite our Denying it and blaming everyone else”

Hint if you are the ONLY hardware platform having the issue in interoperability it’s glaringly obvious that YOU are the problem no matter how much you say it’s Vendor so and so.

I’m not planning on deploying anywhere near the amount of Mimosa gear that I was, because of the Ethernet issue on the B series and the whack-a-mole A5 Spanning tree / vlan issues.

Sad really because it has promise but there are other products that seem to be more robust at or below the price point, that don’t blow Ethernet ports every time a cow farts upwind, and Yes I have religiously followed their installation requirements… it doesn’t matter. I have two more B5’s right now with Ethernet ports flaps…

@ian1 have you done the RMA process with Mimosa?

I have not RMA’ed much, but what I have Mimosa has been good to me about it. Also, to quote:

Secondly, now that I am re-reading @DustinS’s message this is jumping out at me especially because he actually works for Mimosa:

So yes, Mimosa has fixed something (probably several somethings) and not deemed it worthy of releasing an entire new product line around it. But it also was not wide spread enough to justify a recall.

Yes their equipment is more sensitive to grounding issues then other companies, but those issues arise because our whole industry has gotten away with being lazy and not following proper procedures. Heck, my company isn’t always perfect with our grounding, but my losses of Mimosa equipment is no more than any other equipment. And at no time has Mimosa not emphasized proper grounding, but when people didn’t listen they got bit.

Also to clarify, the known issue with Cisco Switches is an issue with Spanning Tree Protocol. (Release notes 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 for B Line) I was being flippant and unclear. I would not say that Mimosa has a real problem with Cisco gear. AFIAK.

I gave up on the B11s a long time ago. I got tired of being told to “Ground” my equipment and “use shielded cable”. Switched to Ubiquiti AF11X and haven’t looked back. Same shielded cables, same grounding system, same Netonix switches, no issues after the swap.

So I decided to buy a Mimosa B5c replacement hoping to stop the flapping on the side of the link with the worst port flapping issues. Got the NEW radio and right out of the box had issues connecting to it via Ethernet. It will not connect to my laptop, it will connect to a Mikrotik at 10Mb/s most of the time, even 100Mb/s once in a blue moon. Tried different routers, switches, laptops, desktops. The Ethernet port is pooched. As a control I took an old B5c which we had previously taken down that had flapping issues and hooked it up to the test bench and got 1Gb/s solid (with flapping, of course). ETHERNET PORT POOCHED BRAND NEW RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!!! Thanks Mimosa.

Where did you get your radio from? Sorry to hear about a new radio having these issues, but when they do occur all you can really ask from a company is:

I pulled out our final B5C link today, we had 11 in use at one point and they all exhibited the port flapping fault in one way or the other. Some much worse than others and even when you follow all the guidelines and think its fixed it comes back a week or a month or 6 months later. You only have to sneeze near the things and the LAN port flaps. A shame as the capacity is great but totally useless if you cant get it reliably out of the unit. Very frustrated with the amount of hours spent trying to resolve and the brick wall ‘we don’t have an issue’ response from Mimosa support who obviously were aware and now seem to be admitting they did have an issue.