Ethernet keeps dropping out

Hey! I’ve got a B24 that the ethernet keeps just dropping out.

I’m getting:
“2019-01-25 16:40:56 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT ethernet link up (1000/Full)
2019-01-25 16:41:06 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT ethernet link down”

Is my hardware bad? It’s been doing this for 6+ months- the circuit isn’t in production yet as of it.

I did just update the software to see if that would fix it- but it did not. I’ve got it connected to the power injector that came with it, that then connects to a Edge router 4p.

It seems to loose link (and I’ve now got a watch-dog on it to reboot if it can’t hit the ethernet after 3 minutes.


Check the cabling and such?

Do you have a spare power supply to try swapping out?

Do not have another PoE supply for these radios. Not sure if I have spare injector either. I could plug it into the switch, and then into the router- but I will need the phy link messages for OSPF routing. It’s linking at gig- but I can try to look at the cables too. Maybe when it’s not -14F outside.

You can use 48v Passive PoE, just need 1.2 Amps or better. (For testing you might be able to get away with less amperage. But I wouldn’t push it for too long)

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What’s on the next end of your Ethernet link? What are you connecting the radio to?

I have the same problem on B24 connection with FW 2.5.1-PTP … sometimes Ethernet link down.
I tried to replace UTP, but the problem persists. … Finally I connected a switch between B24 and Mikrotik hEX S router - now seems OK.

Standard Mimosa problem. You could try a Netonix switch in there, or sometimes a cheap unmanaged switch helps, or sometimes a virgin goat is a good option. They’ll tell you it’s everything from the Ethernet cable you are using to your grounding, to the phase of the moon, Good luck fixing it long term though - THIS is the reason I stopped deploying their equipment. The RF side is pretty darn good - their Ethernet side, ironically, is crap and they can’t be bothered to fix it.

So- after I upgraded to 2.5.1-PTP, the problem got a lot better- like- it stopped loosing connection, and was stable for 30+ days.

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