Ethernet port B5C erratic 100 - 1000bps

Hi ,
I just want to know if anybody has experienced B5c ethernet port connection goes frequently 100MB - 1000MB. I have changed the cables and swap new radio but still the same.

If you have swapped the radio, can you hook the old radio into a known good device and seen if it continues with the issue?

Have you tried swapping out the power supply?

What is the B5c plugged into? Are any other devices having similar issues?

Make sure the poe adaptor is earthed. I had similar issue when the poe adaptor was not earthed

We have the same problem.
It usually happens with Mikrotik devices. We put SFP wire with earth connection, the problem was repeated.

If you have Mimosa PoE and MikroTik device, the only solution in putting bettween a swtich TP-Link.

Search the community for this. It has been beat to death.

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Hello Dave can you point me out to exact link with a resolution on that problem?

@Massimiliano He means that there have been several issues some of which were not resolved to his satisfaction.

Sometimes it has been cabling, ends, the router/switch, noise in the enviroment, bad/incorrect PoE Injector. And sometimes there is actually a problem with the B5, bad grounding burning it up, actual lighting and it seems depending on the batch of B5s yours came out of, bad ports.

The B5 forum is full of posts about port issues. I would recommend starting there and checking all the suggested starting points. Cable (like take a different radio/laptop whatever and plug it in and verify it comes up to 1000 M and stays there, maybe just replace it with Sheilded CAT-6 to be sure), your ends, your grounding, the Router/switch, the power supply, make sure there is not noise coming from somewhere in the environment.

If you would like someone to walk through those things with you you can go to Mimosa Support or start a new thread.

Hola como estás, de echo antes de tienes que agregarlo de manera manual y no en automático para que puedas ver los cambios. A mi me pasó y empece a verificar contar con cable cat6 y conectores metálicos al menos para la conexión de tus dos radios, lo otro y muy importante son las frecuencias de ambos puntos. si es menos de 30km el enlace trabaja la latencia en 2m.
Espero te ayude y soluciones tu incógnita.

Yes, we also facing this issue. After swap new equipment no problem… We using B5c more than 2 years(10 link), so B5c after 1.5Years will be like this happen…