Ethernet Port Speed 100Mbps Full Duplex on the A5c

Ethernet Port Speed keeps on jumping between 100Mbps and 1000Mbps Full Duplex.

It is now at 100Mbps and i dont know where to change it back to to 1000Mbps Full Duplex

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It’s probably at 100 because that is the maximum speed it can negotiate.

I would recommend checking the cable (ends, stuff in between, etc)

From there check the ports on the router/switch the A5c is plugged into as well as the PoE supply.

If the cable is longer then 300 ft. that could be a problem as well.

If there are sources of electrical noise, FM/AM radio, lots of other Ethernet Cables on the tower that could cause the issue as well.

H, There is a wisdom in using a cat 6 cable to minimize inducted RF in the UTP copper. The flicker of speed to 100/1000BT is cased by it. Once this cable is installed from top to bottom of the tower, it becomes an antenna itself. Another possible solution is to fix your switch to either 100BT or 1000BT.

Morning, What POE are you using? I have found the solution to that problem (after replacing cable and everything else) was to replace the POE’s with Ubiquiti’s 50V 60W airFiber PoE injector.

realice este paso, la negociacion en la interfaz cambio a 1000 pero al momento de conectarla a la red de internet no me pasa mas de 100 megas

Hi, can I use a Ubiquiti’s 50V 60W airFiber PoE injector instead of the original?, it works fine?