Extended channels FCC?

Are we able to use-choose the new extended channels the FCC just opened up?

If you have the special paperwork from the FCC permitting you to use the channels then Mimosa can get you the firmware and instructions for opening those channels up.

Correct, if you have an 5.85-5.895 GHz FCC STA you can contact support and obtain access. They have not voted on rules for the band yet, so it is not “opened up” until voted, published Report & Order, and testing procedures supplied to the manufacturers. Probably 6 months for opening it up.

It is a similar situation for 6 GHz, but as of yet there are not experimental STAs as the AP sites must be coordinated with Part 101 6 GHz PTP licensed links, and the AFC database as of yet is not fully agreed to on the rules. Once we have more info working with the FCC to understand experimental license requirements, we’ll let folks know. It’s likely 6 GHz will be 12 months for the AFC databases to get certified and tested with suppliers.

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Hello Jaime,

It looks like my application for STA has been accepted at the FCC and will soon be given the nod. Will there be clear documentation for upgrading the firmware? Thanks for any info on this.

As has been said, contact support and they will walk you through the process. That said, from what I have been told you have to do a firmware upgrade and if you radio isn’t already unlocked for USA Licensed then it would need to be re-unlocked for that.

For you to get he special firmware you WILL NEED to send paperwork to Mimosa showing that you have been approved for the STA license.

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