Feature Request - Bandwidth Test from Client


I have been testing this product along with an A5c and C5 and one item that really should be added is the ability to run a real bandwidth test of some sort. Without this we need another device to run tests from which sort of eliminates the value of the all in one idea.

I like the G2 but until this is an option a POE injector with a router is the only option that allows us to ensure good service and support.

Please let me know if this might be added and if so when it might happen.

Thank you,


I would agree, this would be a much needed feature. We run a local speedtest.net mirror, but it would be nice to have a built-in test from A5 to C5

Will be very usefull… mikrotik and ubnt already had this feature and we use it very often.
Also the B5/B5c had the feature…

This would be even better as a test between just the A5 and C5 as Jeff suggests.


Yes, a test from G2 would be gerat. We need to check the quality of the whole line, from fiber feed to customer…