Feature Request: C5 Alignment Page without login

I would like to propose a C5 Alignment Page without login so that our subcontractors do not need authentication and do not need access to the SSIDs and passwords to do an installation. A simple page with signal bars, dBm, TX, RX, and maybe even some beeping noises. This would be so easy to add, I would do it myself but don’t have access to the uncompiled firmware of course.

Do you have any idea how much easier this would make installations and how many more units would likely be sold?

Are you listening Mimosa? Are you listening?

Anyone who agrees with this Feature Request please chime in and give this Topic some attention so maybe Mimosa will create it.

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I like the idea, but no one else in the industry seems to be doing it and I wonder if there might be some sort of security issue that pops up that I as a network guy would never think to be an issue. But if it is doable in a secure way, I am more then willing to give a +1 for it.