Feature request for devices names and coordinates

Not sure if there is any specific forum for a feature request, but since I couldn’t find anything related I just posted it here.

There are a few basic changes that wouls be nice to have like:

  • Be able to use any characters for the radios names. I use a way to name my radios and in some cases, I would like to use dots or even spaces. I can’t use them in the Device Friendly Name.
  • Location for clients. I understand that if a specific client device doesn’t have GPS built in I will have to type the coordinates, but since a link, it’s already established and the AP has their own location why the station can’t get the remote coordinates from the AP?

Well the first one is probably just a character restrictions that may or may not be doable for Mimosa.

The second one is not really doable because the AP does not have heading information that it can apply to the customer location. Without heading information, (as in “the client is in this precise direction from me”) all the AP knows is that the Client is X distance from it. There may possibly be something that MU-MIMO can do to help with this, but it would probably require a lot of computing power and a lot of programing that I would rather Mimosa used elsewhere.

The second one it basically loads the information from the AP for PTMP. They are already doing that for backhaul links, so why not do the same on every station connected to an AP if the AP already have the coordinates?
Please note that I’m referring to “Remote Coordinates” under Wireless > Location.

I understand that if the device doesn’t have any GPOB built in I have to manually set the local coordinates, but remote coordinates should be autocompleted once the link its closed by getting it from the other side (the AP in the PTMP cases)

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Ya I missread your post, you are completely correct. Duh.

Hi @Irvin,

Your feature #2 feature request makes perfect sense! I will pass that on. As for the character request, it’s a limitation that we can’t currently do anything about :frowning:. I do agree that is also a valid request and will keep on them about it.