Feature Request - Max/Min Modulation B5C

I recently turned up a 145km link using the B5C over water. The link is good but it keeps trying to go to a higher modulation when possible which in turn makes the link a little unstable. The feature I am suggesting is available on the Cambium PTP650 radio. Essentially, it caps the modulation of the radio to a user defined level.

Also, there is a minimum modulation which will drop the ethernet port on the ‘slave’ radio causing routing protocol to use alternative path if available. This is useful for long links experiencing rain fade or any additional losses to fail automatically to an alternate path.

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Hi Nigel,

Thanks for the feedback and helpful suggestions. The Min and Max MCS features are already on our release roadmap for future firmware versions. We will notify you when available.

The upcoming firmware version 1.4.0 will provide some additional modulation controls that may help. It contains a choice between EVM and PER-based rate adaptation, with both conservative and aggressive modes for each.

Thanks for the response Chris. Its good to hear that its on your software roadmap.

I’m assuming you meant BER :wink:. I’ll look out for the additional modulation controls in 1.4.0 and will definitely give feedback on its performance, particularly with the longer B5C links.

How future? :-p

I came here to post a feature request for a modulation lock, which would probably be better served with the min\max.

Also came here looking for my min modulation request to bump it. :wink:

This feature is still on the road map, but at a much lower priority than many other features. There is no release date available yet. I added your bump request to the internal ticket tracker.