Feature Request - More SNMP Information

So far I’m just looking for more information as to recommended warning\alarm thresholds for the various OIDs (where it makes sense), but I reserve the right to ask for more.

IE: InternalTemp. How hot is too hot? How cold is too cold?

Either this can be addressed in the description in the MIB or in a separate FAQ.

. and . have typos in the MIB.

Is there a way to calculate the MAC Tx/Rx rate based on information available in SNMP?

Are there any OIDs that provide the current data throughput? I want to watch the percentage of the MAC throughput currently being used, so I can alert on links approaching full usage.

I agree we need more in depth SNMP monitoring. It is very hard to spot trends and diagnose certain issues without good data to work with.

Is there an OID for the FDB or equivalent? More useful on the A\C series than the B, but knowing that interface (or client if the A series) a particular MAC resides on would be quite convenient. I believe there are standard locations for these as NetXMS can directly query this information, should it be available.

More would be nice but what would be nicer would be if they fixed the SNMP so that I didn’t have to stop and restart it again every few days just to keep it running. Steady information with no gaps would be better. They said they fixed this issue in 1.4.6 but no cigar, they forgot to put it in when brought to their attention.

Dave, there is an additional SNMP fix coming in 1.4.7. Contact us on our Support chat line at http://support.mimosa.co if you are interested in a pre-release of 1.4.7

Mike, we have checked both of these MIB and get the Tx and Rx PER which is listed in the OID reference, http://client.help.mimosa.co/snmp-oid-reference-c5: mimosaPerTxRate.0 INTEGER: .27 % Overview > Dashboard > Performance > PER > Tx mimosaPerRxRate.0 INTEGER: .73 % Overview > Dashboard > Performance > PER > Rx

Should we be looking somewhere else for the typo?