Feature request. More than one antenna in design using A5c

Unless I am missing something a really cool feature would be to have in the design tool an option when you choose as “Access Point Type”: A5c, to have the ability to choose more than ONE antenna.

The A5c has 4 ports on it - and you can you say hook up 2 N5-45-X2’s - but you can not draw a view shed based on more than one antenna -

Looking forward that ability - keep kicking butt for us Mimosa!

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 1.20.05 PM

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Another feature request!
Can we add 60 Ghz radios to the design tool too?

Been looking at some 60 gig deployments (wish Mimosa (By Airspan) had one) - and even if I choose custom radio - I can not choose 60Ghz ranges.