Feature Request: NTP Server

For units with GPS receivers, I’d like to be able to run an NTP server on them. The intent would be to run it on a few units at varying locations around my network. A few of my Mikrotik routers pull NTP from a few of those sources. Those Mikrotik routers then provide NTP to everywhere else. That saves me from having to purchase or assemble a GPS-backed NTP server.

Why dont you use NTP Client and get time from your local sources? Why do you need many NTP servers? I use only one im my whole network.

I want more than one for diversity. While I don’t need to use it on every GPS capable device, it would need to be in the firmware for me to use it in one place anyway, so no extra work on their behalf whether its one place or 100 places. I’d probably use it in four GPS-capable devices with as much geographic, network and manufacturer diversity as I could get. Then a router at each of those locations would poll all four of those GPS devices. Then everything else polls those four routers.