Feature Request: Test Button

Can we get a test button so that it tests the change we’re about to make and if not acknowledged, it reverts?


Thanks Mike. I’ll take a look as this sounds like a very useful feature. I can see it working something like this: a new test button next to current save with the following behavior.

Save -> commit changes
Test -> acknowledge -> commit
Test -> no acknowledge -> don’t commit and throw out changes

  • David

Something like this?

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This would be a great idea. Ubiquiti has this on all AirMax equipment, and it has saved my bacon more than once.

I prefer the UBNT way, that sounds more like the Netonix way. I want my changes to apply unless I explicitly request test mode.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take a look at the UBNT interface to get a “concept idea” of what you like. But I get what you are saying.

  • David

Total agree with you. UBNT method is preferable over Netonix.

I want to apologize for an incautious reading of your post. I only looked at the confirmation process, not the whole description.

What you described originally is what we’re looking for. A test button with a manual confirmation after the change is applied.

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