Feature Request: Time Zone Selection

I’d like to be able to select the timezone that’s used in the logs. It’s obviously easier to know what’s going on if they’re stored in local time instead of UTC.

Hi Mike,

There is an existing feature request for this in queue. The feature would convert dates from UTC to local time in the UI, but the underlying data would remain in UTC for data storage and later comparison, avoiding time stamp mismatch problems.

The Mimosa cloud application does allow the user to change their time zone. It updates all of the graphs to the local time zone, but we get that you’re looking for all of the discrete events on the local device as well.


On our C5s the logs show a date and time of 2015-01-01 00:00:02 (UTC +0000).

How do we change that so that the current date and time are shown?

Thanks so much!

When the C5 first boots, the timestamp is 2015-01-01 00:00:00 (UTC +0000) by default. Once it connects to a network, it can obtain the time from an NTP server: http://client.help.mimosa.co/client-ug-time

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So, to clarify I think that people are asking for a “User selectable” option to be placed in the radios - so that you can pick your time zone and view your system logs in local time.

Selecting a time server is not the best way to make your logs display in your local time zone as far as almost any normal user would expect. Cool that you can choose your own time server but…

As a “newer” user of Mimosa I think that this is a basic feature that is lacking - and I look forward to its implementation …


Thank you.


Until we have to wait for the Mimosa developers to put an interest in this feature of the Time zone, we need to have our correct hours on our radios to know the events that are presented more exactly.

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I can’t imagine this feature taking more than 15 minutes of developer time and it’s been punted for over a year.

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+1, I myself would love to see this feature!

+2 as I have seen release, and no mention of this as an option yet.

Stumbled on this deficiency while troubleshooting a radio … really surprised that this has not been addressed by Mimosa in 2 years.

You can also select time zones such as PST…

Kinda an extra step, but makes getting your answer quicker while devoting brain power to troubleshooting your issue - not time zone conversions…

Yeah - there are options online to copy/paste the time into for conversion (which I did for the issue I was troubleshooting), but this should be something simple for the radios to just do. I can’t think of a radio or piece of network gear I’ve used from another manufacturer that if it has a clock doesn’t support time-zones.

Was looking at this again today - and there is still no way to set a timezone.

All times are in UTC.

This is still something I deal with on an almost daily basis.

Mimosa - the feature request at the beginning of this thread was almost four years ago! It is frustrating to see this thread as ‘Solved’ when the issue hasn’t been.

I do not believe that Mimosa monitors the community at all … I contacted support and this is now logged as a feature request - PTMP-4149.

I would suggest everyone contact support@mimosa.co and express their desire for this feature.