Feature Request: User Accounts / Username

Hey guys I would feel a bit more comfortable if there was a username and password as opposed to password only. This makes pwning me that much harder! Just a thought, thx!


I prefer to have a terminal and internal scripting, vpn client, ssh, api, etc. Dreaming is free.


I agree that a username would be helpful. Some radios (especially licensed) have more than one class of login, such as an administrator who can create operator passwords, an operator who can adjust parameters, and a limited class that can read but not write.

I was working on a bunch of B5cs today. I logged into one pasting in its network’s untypeable password and LastPass asked me if I wanted to save it. Sure… but LastPass really really wanted a username too. (This may be a change from its previous behavior.) I had to give it a space character as the username in order to save the password.

Of course I’d also like to lengthen the log-out timer. A certain major competitor still ships some radios with no logout function at all, which is ugly, but the one with a logout don’t enforce a timer, and that’s handy for monitoring changing conditions.

Have to 3rd this…at a minimum should be an engineering and support username login. Engineering to handing all configurations issues, support to troubleshoot problems when customers call in.

Chiming in to add support for these requests as well (username/password - preferably that can be managed centrally, perhaps via the cloud).

Mimosa seems to be dead set against a CLI, to the point that they have it in their help system (Access Point FAQ: No Command Line Interface (CLI)) – claiming multiple security related issues, which an also be interpreted as contributing to poor security and violation of the GPL license for code that their products use. The ZTP configuration mechanism will handle most of what I need in this regard (Zero Touch Provisioning).

I’ve personally found that Mimosa typically does not watch the community here for feedback like this & it is best to send an email to support@mimosa.co with feature requests.