Feature Requests - A5 Products

While it’s not here quite yet, what are the cool things you’re hoping to see in the Mimosa A5 products?


5Ghz Noise Immunity
Solid Ethernet Ports for both AP and the CPEs (Not cheap crap)
Proper ESD protection
Real High Gain 5Ghz Antennas with proper Front to Back
Metal Housing for all radios
Multi Radio support per Antenna

Forgot to add:
A mechanism which will decrease the low signal/quality clients impact on the overall sector performance.

Align tool for Android
ESD protection
Gigabit ethernet port
Beep for align

Thanks @Leandro we already have excellent integrated ESD protection in the A5 and the supplied PoE. GigE is there as well.

Regarding alignment and beeping, do you mean for client aiming side aiming?


Thanks jaime. thats corect, aiming side aiming is a tool to align.

Hi Jaimie,

1x SFP Port

What i would really hope we see is a multipoint spectrum style expansion of the b5 dual-sided live spectrum… that way the A5 line will be able to compete against the UBNT AirMagic, but at MU-MIMO level.

Having some downtilt on the A360 antenna would be nice to reduce self interference for urban high density deployments

A couple of neat factoids about the antenna, the Circular Polarized elements are designed to quickly sweep the ground, a big advantage to the vertical pattern by nature of the coil antenna designs. The patterns look quite different versus traditional corporate feed sector antennas, and especially compared to Omni antennas.

We do have in the larger 18 dBi A5-360 a built-in 4-degree downtilt, it is not adjustable since it’s produced electrically with the quad antenna sector pattern.

Given the lower gain and installation heights for the 14 dBi version of the product, we chose to keep the pattern is flat.

The biggest way we reduce self interference for multipoint fixed wireless deployments of course is GPS sync, there is no self-interference at all when properly synchronized across the network (obviously sync is not possible in Wi-Fi/CSMA modes of the product though).

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What about TX/RX filtering like the Airprism units from ubnt ? (Super-het design)

Just wondering, wouldn’t it be possible to time the GPS sync of the A5 gear to match some of the other incumbent vendors on the Multipoint arena, Namely cambium, for those with cambium already installed, or with competitors on cambium, it would help to cut back on interference. Some form of interop to avoid stepping on each other would be amazing

god i hope they have that tx/rx filtering it would be so good.

You don’t want that. I have seen that sort of thing done by other radio manufacturers not in the wisp space. What it amounts to is locking into their frame size etc. And eliminates quite a bit of what makes the new radio special.

A configurable limit of maximum downlink airtime (%) consumed by 1 CPE on the A5 in conjunction with the C5 having a configurable limit of maximum uplink airtime (%) consumed by that particular C5.

I would probably set this to 2 to 5%. That way when the installer goes out and tries to hook up a client at -70, they just wont get the speeds they want and wont install. Im really tired of the “at all cost” approach that TDMA gear is using. Mimosa does this, UBNT does this, Cambium does this, everyone does it. I dont want a -70 client to get 25Mbps while sacrificing the overall performance of the sector negatively affecting the other 50 clients. I would much prefer that -70 client only be able to get 5Mbps and not affect the other clients. One -70 client calling our tech support is way better than 50 -55 clients calling us.

This just seems so very possible but no one is doing it


Just a real world example where the “at all cost” approach doesn’t work from the manufacturer in white and blue today. 1 client had their J-Arm mounting bracket fall forward and as consequence had the radio pointed at the ground. The client did not realize and continued to try and use the internet yielding 2-3mbps, enough to stream or upload photos which funny enough they are a professional photographer. The other 25 clients on the sector (okay not all of them but a lot) called and our 1st line tech support wasnt sure what the issue was since the clients calling all had good signal quality. After about 30 minutes of calls it was escalated and our senior staff figured out what was going on. Now if the above feature were to be implemented only 1 client needed to be inconvenienced, not the other 25 and only 1 client wouldve called and been handled by our 1st tech support line since the problem was obvious by the low signal strength.

Case and point

You can do it! Make our networks even more manageable please Mimosa! :grin:


Pierre1 - Thanks for the detailed use case and great feature recommendation. We have the ability to control data throughput today with Max and Committed rate limits on the A5 and the ability to rate limit from the C5 upstream. Airtime fairness helps somewhat, but I like the fine tune control of % of airtime this feature would provide. Something we will investigate.


Thank you David for the reply! I truly appreciate the interest in this and hope that Mimosa may be able to take advantage of some sort of TDMA policer. I am no programmer, just a network admin/integrator so I have no idea how to go about it but hopefully you find a way


@Pierre1 one other important note expanding on @David’s response, while we have traffic limiting in Mbps per client, the situation you’re calling out can potentially be where the troubled client is bad enough it isn’t reaching it’s committed minimum rate, which would then not trigger it to limit airtime on the medium yet.

To solve that, in our TDMA multipoint protocol (which is now being tested on the B5c and soon is migrating to A5), when we reach full airtime slot utilization, we will start to even out timeslot distribution dynamically to the active clients. This prevents a single troubled client from over-occupying the air. So you’ll definitely get this a pretty sophisticated auto-throttling, albeit not yet a percentage control, but it would even out timeslots based on the total clients trying to access the medium at any given time.

Hopefully this will address the issue for you in entirety. I think we’ll be adding in some obvious health notifications for subscribers with such noticeably low Mbps-to-Airtime ratios to indicate to you the individual client is causing other people problems, and requires resolution.


I would agree with that, except you then need an alternate power source. What I’ve been doing is POE from an outdoor enclosure (from where ever we can find power) and then fiber from there to the premise (for runs > ~250ft).

P.S. Just ordered our first A5 today, pretty excited to get it up and running!

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