Feature Requests - B5 Products

What new features would improve the Mimosa B5 products?


Vote for features you most want in the 1.3 backhaul release?

  • Super low latency mode (< 2ms roundtrip)
  • Full interference resiliency with Dual Link
  • Dynamic power adaptation/optimization
  • IPv6 support on management IP interface
  • Other (please write in replies below!)

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Couple of minor feature requests

  1. Bandwidth test - the graph in 1.2 is good but actual peak numbers at the bottom would be nice
  2. TCP tests in addition to UDP
  3. Bandwidth test from any radio to any radio. Right now the bandwidth test only goes over the wireless link. Being able to run a test from any Mimosa radio to any other Mimosa radio in the same network would also allows us to troubleshoot and tweak issues between the radios over the network itself. This is a very useful feature and we use it all the time from our client radios to our Egress point.
  4. Putting the Destination Host in both the Ping and Traceroute is redundant since it’s not asked for in bandwidth. I would just make all three of these 1 screen with different buttons for test.

Backhaul PTMP. When 2 backhaul links are close together I want to use only one B5 at the central location.



@Rory Great suggestions. Thank you. I will capture them into our feature tracking system and see how we can improve our Bandwidth Testing feature.

And I haven’t forgotten about your ‘lights off’ feature request either.

Here is my wish list. Can you have it ready by the end of the week? :wink:

• I’d like to be able to look back on more cloud data. The 24-hour window isn’t enough for me. Can I gather my own cloud data and store it on our servers? We gather all kinds of stats on the rest of our network and I’d like to integrate this into our system software if possible.
• I’d like to be able to read the time in our own time zone. The UTC stuff gives me a headache. :wink:
• Test mode. It would be nice if we tried to make a bad change that the system would default back to its original settings. This is a nice UBNT feature for sure and it has bailed me out many times.
• The 2.4 access is a cool “gadget” but it isn’t needed for my use. You might want to see if your customers would like to save money vs. having that available in future designs? IMO, I don’t think it is worth the effort or the design space. The concept is great but I like practicality. 
• Your latencies are too high for long backbone chains (like ours). The 2ms isn’t bad but it still doesn’t compare to UBNT’s low latencies. I’m happy with the tradeoff and path you’ve taken but I’d like to see what you have on the drawing board for future products that are <1ms per link. This would make me EXTREMELY happy!!!
• I don’t think the PHY rates are accurate in the Auto Mode yet. For example, I will see 315/315 and I get the download speeds but the upload might only be 130-150. I think you mentioned that the auto mode is something you are working on yet. It does give better numbers so I use it yet.

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Larger MTU. I understand there are tradeoffs between latency and packet size. Would love to be able to pass a few MPLS tags.

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I’m aware that is an ambitious feature, but I’m convinced that is a very important one in the beginning of the Mimosa revolution
I would love to see an SFP cage module in the future B5 products, data connection over copper pairs is something that we are trying to leave behind, and devices with this kind of throughput needs the possibility to be connected over fiber optics.
I know that is a cost/price/hardware challenge, but making something revolutionary and fresh as you are doing with the MU MIMO idea and keep classic and old in the wired connection is a shame.



Thanks @Luis we’ve definitely received that feedback quite a bit and are looking at incorporating it into products where it makes sense. Stay tuned, you might see something quite soon here :wink:


@kyle I think you could be sitting in some of our Cloud development meetings :wink: We’re actually tackling this from both angles to expand the window and offer local collection options. We’ll start sharing more of the release plan on this in the coming months.

Makes our heads hurt too, it’s being worked on as we speak.

Definitely on our list as well, will keep pushing this up as we’re now cleared through the really important stuff in the B5 we needed to improve.

Good feedback, there’s actually some pretty amazing use cases in our platforms in general that we’re doing with the 2nd radio that we’ll be able to talk about soon. But I can tell you I’ve had a lot of users tell us that this saved their bacon in accessing the radio at a distance just as a management console that really love it. Also, in some markets internationally, ISPs want to give their installers smartphones and don’t necessarily have Ethernet, so also helps them looking forward.

Prepare to be happy! :joy: Being developed as we speak and will be in our 1.3.0 release. This will be the default mode for products like the B5-Lite as well.

That’s the first I’m hearing on the PHY rate, but let’s have @Chris or someone from our amazing support squad chime in on this.


Thanks @Stefan we’ve gotten this request a lot and is being worked on, we’ll be able to provide a status update on this one pretty soon along with our general PTMP update :tada:


Jaime, I love this kind of feedback!!! It lets us know that you appreciate our opinions and thoughts. For example, as you mentioned in the 2.4 access, you don’t have to agree with my opinion but it is nice that you listen. :slight_smile: I am extremely excited to see you grow with each new feature launch. I will always try to suggest things that I think are helpful for the community and your company as a whole. Some of the way we do things are different as well and I don’t expect you to customize anything for a select few. But, if you continue to listen, you might find some new and innovative ideas. You guys are doing great things–keep walking down that path! :slight_smile:

Great! Eager awaiting PTMP.

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Hopefully a simple request. In ‘aiming’ mode can we get horizontal and vertical db readings please as this makes dish alignment much easier.


—* Bill

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DFS channel hopping. We’re seeing far more DFS alerts on 1.2 than we ever did on 1.1.1. Of course, murphy’s law dictates that it’ll always hop onto a bad channel… Can this be investigated?

—* Bill

+1 for > 24h on cloud. A month?

+1 for test mode. Saved many a backside. Sorry. backhaul.


Mimosa is working on this.

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I would like to see some bandwidth traffic shaping, more specifically for the B5-Lite. We occasionally do direct links for our bigger business customers and this would be pretty huge for us.

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Thanks Justin, always love the feedback. Can you give me some more specifics on what you want in the implementation? Simple max speeds and bursts (CIR, PIR, etc.)?

Point to multipoint support for the B5 product.