Firmware of A5c

I use A5c as center point and and 7 C5x connected to A5c .
A5c firmware version is and 5 C5c’s using firmware version 2.5.4 and 2 C5x’s using firmware version
question is all of them use same firmware?

The way you’ve worded your question isn’t clear. I’ll just guess what you want.

  1. They each use the same version of firmware, but the firmware is written specifically for each model of device.

  2. It’s best to have both ends of a link on the same firmware. So, you’ve upgraded two C5x units and I’d recommend upgrading the C5c’s to match so that all units are on the same version of firmware.

The normal way to update firmware is to update the far end first, then the near end. This way, if the units don’t communicate with each other after the update, when you update the near unit, it will reconnect to the far unit once they’re both on the same firmware. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it can happen, hence the recommendation.