Firmware Update for A6 and C6X?

Any news about the firmware update for the A6 and C6x, it’s too long to wait for our customers.

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Actually i had to uninstall a customer today, distance is 5.4 km, connected with low rates about 80 mbps max, today C6x disconnected for no reason and i couldn’t make it connected again, lost a customer, and i hope the new firmware will allow distances about 9-10 km and keep connections steady, also if C6x disconnects i have to reboot the A6 for it to reconnect again, invested a lot in this new gear and if this firmware not coming soon then i have to rethink about it

It works quite acceptable for us at distances of 5 and 7 km, but it is not acceptable to have to turn off and on the AP every time a new client is going to connect. It is not acceptable that every time a speed test is done between the AP and the CPE the CPE disconnects and reboots. A product like this is supposed to have a priority for mimosa support. We try to return the product to buy the new Cambium EPMP 4600 but the distributor tells us that they do not accept Open Box. Therefore we stay with them but if we don’t see the update this week we sell the equipment and move to Cambium.