Firmware upgrade improving signal strength

Hey all,

I had a weird experience yesterday with an AP (A5c+65 degree KP Panel), and a few customers connected with c5c radios.

Out of no where we received a call from a customer regarding slow speeds, after checking into the AP I had noticed all of their PhY rates had dropped to 7/7.

I had figured that it was maybe due to high winds we experienced here earlier last week. However, I decided I would update the firmware on the A5c side, and then the customer side just to see.

After upgrading all firmware from 2.4.1 to 2.5.1 the issue was gone. All PhY rates jumped back up into the high 300’s and above.

My question is, how does this happen out of the blue on old firmware. Also how does upgrading the firmware to the latest fix this issue? It just seems odd to me.


We have seen this behavior recently as well. In some cases we are going from 2.3.3 to 2.5.1 and in some cases we are moving from 2.4.1. to 2.5.1. We have also had some limited experience in moving two or three radios from 2.5.1 to the 2.5.2 beta. We have not done a good job of documenting all the moves as we feel it is important to get to current firmware anyway, however, it seems like the issue is resolved more by the firmware upgrade being done from any previous level, than a specific version of firmware problems. In each case, a reboot of the customer radio isn’t enough to resolve issues before the firmware upgrade is undertaken, and that is why we move to the firmware upgrade. When doing so. we upgrade all clients on the AP first, and then the AP. Essentially when we see one good RSSI but very high PER and resulting low PHY, that is our trigger to do all clients on that AP as well as the AP. We’d like to understand better what statistic we could look at that would tell us what is causing this behavior and catch it before we find clients running at 7/7.

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I may have seen something like this. I figured it was some sort of memory bug in the AP or the CPE. Dunno, but going to 2.5.1 has helped out many of my weaker links. Couldn’t say if there was anything special, other then I am pretty sure they were all C5s…

Although we did have one C5 that threw quite a fit when we updated it to 2.5.1. Downgrading it solved the issue, but it came back after updating with a known good firmware. We chatted with Mimosa and they seemed rather interested in checking out the C5. Mimosa replaced it and we sent the old one back.

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Very Weird, would be great to have an idea why this happens. Quite frustrating how someone with a near perfect signal can just crap the bed within a day unexpectedly.

2.5.1 Seems to have improved some of our links as well, it would be nice to have some sort of explanation for this from Mimosa. Obviously it is always good to upgrade to the newest firmware, but from my experience I like to wait until the newest has been rolled out for about a month or two before trying it in case of any bugs.

I was not aware that you could roll back firmware though so maybe in the future I will try the newest and roll back if there are issues.

On a good note, customers were happy that we caught it early and were able to fix without a truck roll. :smiley:

Ya, it gives you a warning about downgrading, but totally doable. I wouldn’t go too far back, some of the really old firmware might not play nice. But going back 1 or 2 revisions is one of our steps for testing weird issues, hasn’t fixed much so far, but all in all is a useful tool.

Note: I keep a folder of all the firmware we have used (backed up and with signatures and everything) just in case of something absolutely horrible happening. Figure with storage these days it can’t hurt.


Of course, you can never be safe… I may steal that idea and begin keeping old firmware juuuusttt in case!