Flow control B5C and Netonix

Is ther a reason that the b5c or the b11 traffic flow does not appear to work with netonix line of switches?

Every ubnt we had previously worked perfect with the same switches. The netonix shows when flow control is working and works great with ubnt and Cambium.

We have tried upgrading to latest firmware, new cable , direct poe brick instead of poe from the switch but nothing.

Tried to speak to somone several times at wispalooza but everyone had no clue and claimed we needed to talk to the engineer who we could never seem to find at the booth.

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Realize this is an old post, but Mimosa’s flow control isn’t implemented properly. They’re using TCP (layer 4) to make decisions on when to send 802.3 pause frames (layer 2).

This is kind of a very basic OSI model faux pas. Upper layers shouldn’t make decisions for the lower ones.