Flow Control in B5c

I tried searching, but “flow control” returns literally zero results.

The Flow Control toggle appears to not work. I.e. Flow Control is not properly negotiated when turned on. Anyone else notice this? Is this already a known issue? I’ve seen it discussed on Netonix and a few other forums regarding Mimosa B5c specifically.


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Hi Nick,

The Flow Control setting enables PAUSE frames (part of 802.3x standard) to manage the transmission rate between upstream senders and the Ethernet Interface.

Several conditions are required before PAUSE frames are sent by the radio:

  1. The connected router/switch must support flow control and it must be turned on.
  2. The RF link must have lower capacity than the traffic flow through the Ethernet port.

There may be firmware interoperability issues with certain 3rd party devices that prevent the indication that this feature is enabled, but we have tested it and collected packet captures showing that PAUSE frames are sent.

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I will second Nick2. I have never been able to get Flow Control to negotiate on our B5 radios (B5s or B5 Lites). All are plugged into various Netonix switches. All other radio vendors seem to work fine. The A5 radios do negotiate flow control.