Forgot the unlock key

I bought 2 pieces c5c(used) and i don’t have the unlock key.
please help me with this issue

Hi @ayas,

You will need to have the original owner of the devices to remove them from their account. If you have proof of purchase for these units, you can talk to Mimosa Support to see if they will let you unlock them.

I talked with original owner of the devices but he don’t remember the account. now how can i proof these devices are mine?

Tell the original owner to login to Mimosa cloud with his email and delete those devices. After that you should create an account for yourself in Mimosa Cloud and get unlock keys for these serial numbers.

Thanks for help
the issue is solved

how you solved it thanks

This post has a solution. Please either contact the previous owner of the equipment or provide proof of purchase to Mimosa for them to remove the equipment from the previous account.

I am closing this topic.

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