Frequencies 24.25 - 25.25

Hi all,
We asked a licence here in Burkina Faso for 24.05-24.25 GHz but the authority told us they dont deliver those any more. But they do deliver 24.25-25.25 GHz.

So I would like to know if the Mimosa B24 can operate on these.


Looking at the specification sheet for the B24 under “Technical Specifications” >> “Radio” >> “Frequency Range” >> 24.00–24.25 GHz it the range of frequencies the radio works in. So it looks like the B24 won’t, at this time, work with those frequencies.

It may be that this is a software limitation, but I would suspect this to not be the case.

Thanks I have been reading that and I am like hoping it’s a software spec

Then you might go to Mimosa Support and see if they might be able to confirm or deny the possibility.

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I honestly do not know if it’s just a software change or not. It depends on the internal feed design. Like the B5 cannot do anything above 5850 or below 5100 because of the actual design of the feed.

@David might be able to answer this. I’ll see if I can track him down here. We’re all getting ready to head to Wispapalooza in Las Vegas.

Thanks I will try to get a hold on him.

Have fun in Las Vegas

Why is there no answer here? I came here looking for clarification on the channels.

Maybe answer @DustinS, or go to Mimosa Support. The answer hasn’t really changed though, the Specs say 24.00-24.25 GHz.

What answer are you looking for exactly, @Jonathan1? The B24 only supports frequencies from 24.0GHz to 24.25GHz. At this time there are no plans to support anything above 24.25GHz.

The B24 product sheet says the frequency range is even more restricted than that:

Frequency Range: 24.05–24.25 GHz worldwide support; Operating range is 24.07–24.23 GHz

What does this even mean? Is it 24.00-24.25 like you say? Is it 24.05-24.25? Is it 24.07-24.23?

Regardless of what anything says, the B24 (when unlocked to ROW mode) will operate from 24.00 to 24.25GHz.