Frequency in mimosa c5x

i need to know how i can decided what is my rx frequency if my center freq is 5500
and my channel bandwidth is 10 mhz

We use this model for P2MP. You didn’t note if you’re using P2P or P2MP.
So, not sure if you have P2P setup and it allows something different, but I show no means utilizing P2MP to get to 10mhz channel, 20, 40, 80 only.

Using 20mhz channel size… the range is your center frequency - half of the 20mhz, so say you are using 5520mhz as your center, then 5510 is low side, and 5530 is the high side. The entire 20mhz will be used, not part of it.

Remember these are 1/2 duplex transmissions, not full duplex.
The same “channel” will be used for both on the C5x. It’s not until you move higher in frequency that you can get into full duplex transmissions.

I checked our P2P install, and it also is only 20, 40, or 80 mhz bandwidth.
I am aware the Ubiquiti has 10mhz options, and perhaps others do as well, but Mimosa from my experiences in the 5ghz devices do not (that I know of) support 10mhz channel size.