Frustrated with B11 line

I am not sure what to do with these links that are not working. One of the links has interference that I can see and this is the fault of Intelpath. I have had to run the link at a 1x40 so that I’m not stepping on the owners channels. The funny thing is that if Intelpath had moved down 20mhz on the high and low it would have been fine.
So the issue with this link is unknown to me.

With the channel size at 40MHz this should be great. I can’t get the link to push any traffic in the one direction.

And now it’s good again. This is not right that I can’t depend on these links.


First suggestion - Have a real coordinator take a look at this for you.

Are you saying that Intelpath is not a real frequency coordinator?

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Who said a thing about Intelpath? My point, whoever did this appears to have done a shoddy job and a second opinion and analysis might yield much better results. There are several well recognized firms with 30 + year track records that would probably look at this for next to nothing. Wouldn’t hurt to ask!

What version of firmware is running on these B11s? Both Signal Meters show similar received signal. Was there any difference in the SNR or EVM, shown on the MIMO Status panel on the Dashboard? Also is the link in question connected to the Mimosa Cloud? Please contact us via, we would like to take a closer look at this link.