Frustrated with C5 not saving

I’m so frustrated right now I probably should not write this as it probably won’t make sense. I’m a contractor installing C5 units for a WISP and just did about 30 - 40 C5 units in the past two weeks and its not been much fun. The WISP has us flashing to the current Beta via the app which takes two flashes to get there. While flashing is just time consuming, when you are supposed to do 1 install every 2 hours. The real issue that has made me want to throw the units as far as I can is they won’t save configs. It takes me multiple tries, sometimes many many tries (hours) to get the SSID and PWD to save on the link page. We just get the spinning blue circle of death. Doesn’t matter if I’m using my iPhone via wifi or my mac laptop hardwired via the G2. You think it may have saved go back in and nope still previous config or it just sits there “saving” and never seems to finish. What should be taking us 2 hours is typically turning into 3 and 4 hour installs, today one took 6 hours !!!


Sometimes I see the same issue as you, though not nearly over the extended periods you seem to be seeing it. Most of the time I find that for some reason the C5 has logged me out or a reboot of the C5 makes it behave. I just have not had the time to hunt down the issue and work with Mimosa on it. Could you post some logs the next time this happens or do you see any other issues corresponding to when this happens.

In regards to the 2.4… update, I only do those from my desk before I leave, too much of a pain to do it when the antenna is setup and I find I have a bad power adapter or bad Ethernet connections. I have pirated a Netonix PoE switch from our stock room and it makes my life so much easier when I am programming before heading out.

Thanks William for letting me know I’m not crazy. I’ve thought of the logging out but on refresh they reload, sometimes. I wish I had a more detailed troubleshooting process done too but when onsite and underpressure you take what you get when you get it. Next time I see this I will grab some logs, duh should have done that already, again frustrated. :slight_smile:

my case is that through windows 10 and connecting directly to any mimosa b5lite by lan network port with fixed ip within the range of the b5Lite the network port of my computer does not detect b5Lite and managed to configure the equipment through a gateway different from the range of ip that B5Lite brings by default. Does anyone know why this happens? since in windows 7 without problems I access to B5Lite

@Domingo1 I don’t know why there would be a change between Windows 7 and Windows 10. I just transitioned from Win 7 to Win 10 and did not notice any differences about management or configuration (as far as A5c, C5c and C5 products go, I have not messed with any of the B line yet on this new computer)

One thing I did see the next day when it happened to me again on my iPhone. I was trying to refresh the screen and it was just sitting there. The URL looked ok but when I touched the URL to try and put the IP in again I noticed that all of a sudden there was a “www.” showing up in front of the IP address. hmm…

Very interesting, I have never seen this when programming, but I will watch for it and see.

This may be a problem of caching. Try programming in incognito mode.

Hi Dale,

I find the worst part of the Mimosa system is the firmware flashing and configuration as well. I’ve configured around 80 of them now and rarely do I get a good run where I can have a few flashing at once. I average around 1-2 hours per C5 which isn’t very good considering i’d have to employ a person just to configure access points to keep up with installs. For comparison configuring Unifi, Cambium radios only takes minutes and works every time.

The flashing / unlocking / configuring process really needs to be refined.

Once they are setup and running the Mimosa network has been stable and works pretty well though. It does have to be considered how much Mimosa units really cost when compared to other options if configuration time (wages etc) is taken into account.

I have been using incognito mode and it seems to help with the random logouts (except for when the C5 associates with an A5, then it just logs you out no matter what)

Moving around in the menus also is a lot smother and has a lot fewer of those random refreshes on the screen.

Hi all,

We have released a brand new version of the app for iOS just two days ago, along with a bug fix patch for the Android version of the app.

I personally had experienced the “not saving configuration problem” on the Android app, so had them push a fix asap. You will probably need to uninstall your current app and download the new version.

Once you do that, please let me know if you continue having to flash firmware multiple times or try to save configuration multiple times.

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Hey Dustin,

It’s Dale Brown from Baldwin County AL. I met you here that day you came down to help PBB with the towers. I was the contractor in the Red truck. Nice to talk to you again. :slight_smile:


Hi @dale2,

Good to talk to you again as well! I’m sorry you were having issues with the app. I know how much time it might save, if working correctly, and how much time it might burn, when it’s not.

I’m sure we’ll talk again soon.