Future of Mimosa products with Airspan

With Airspans acquisition of Mimosa, it apears that they are trying to break into the WISP market again. With some of the talk of utilizing Mimosa customerbase and distribution, I was wondering what type of technological crossover we could see. I would love to see some Mimosa style LTE, especially if I don’t have to get a qoute put together evertime I need a new radio. I don’t know if anyone from Mimosa could comment but I would certainly apreciate any communication.

Hi @Jason17,

While I can’t really discuss what is coming next, I can tell you the next thing we are doing is a backhaul product and not LTE.

We are planning on leveraging Airspan’s LTE products in the future though.


I figured that you wouldn’t be able to say much, but I still really appreciate the information. I am definately looking forward to seeing what backhual solutions you come up as well as any collaboration on LTE.