G2 Cloud Management Not Functional?

I purchased my first bundle of G2’s & booted them up to test – I’m now finding that there is no cloud management availble for them?

Mimosa chat support confirmed that you can’t manage the G2’s via the cloud portal.

Am I missing something? It very clearly stated the G2’s were cloud managed.

@DustinS was just talking about how Cloud management works with the G2s and C5# line.

I guess everything runs through the A5 for cloud managment, though I don’t have any G2s in my network to know one way or another…

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This is the exact setup:
PTMP Setup Router/Switch connected to the Internet —> A5/A5c —> C5/C5c/C5c (in PTMP station mode) ----> G2

It’s interesting. The device shows up on the cloud, and has a ‘clickable’ link, but when I click it, it just takes me to the C5 page. I’m hoping to get some better detail on this.

I also have the same setup with an A5 connected to C5 radios using SRS and G2 routers behind those radios. I see the clickable link for the G2s in the cloud interface, but it takes me to the C5 information. I was told by chat support that if I sent a request to sales@mimosa.co they would have the cloud team enable this feature on my account. However, I sent the request a couple weeks ago and still don’t have access to manage the G2s in my cloud account. This would be a very helpful feature for supporting our clients after the install without rolling a truck.

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@DustinS can help here.

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You are not missing anything. The G2 product is not yet complete for some reason. You can find the IP of the G2 in the cloud interface and log into it… but that is it.

There is no provisioning. There is no remote monitoring. There is no way to sync configurations. If a customer factory defaults a unit, you need to know the password directly on the top of the unit (there is no other way to get in). If you setup a wired or wireless extender, you cannot connect to it without being on-site. If you change any SSID settings in the main G2, it will not provide those settings to the interior G2s. There is no way to pass or untag VLANs in general or to the LAN port. There is no way to have a management VLAN, or to pass a management VLAN to interior G2s.

All that being said, if you configure it right the first time, you will not likely have any issues. They seem to be stable and reliable. I always change the WAN password to match a management password so I can configure the device for the customer. I note the default password in their account. I only put them behind a firewalled CGNAT so their management interface remains inaccessible to public IPs.


Please contact me directly at dustin@mimosa.co. I will need your cloud email and I’ll see about getting this feature enabled for you.

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hi i just came across this problem today 9-6-19 i have several g2 deployed out on the field and i was trying to name them because in the cloud they show as mimosa_mac address and i want the g2 to have the customers name on it… well after several tries on the cloud and contacted customer support about it. the cloud doesn’t support that feature for the g2 just yet so every g2 has to be configure individually. waiting on that response please thanks