G2 Installer Tool - Rev 1 - Makita 18

Here is our first installer tool intended for use with the Mimosa Install App:

Some Construction Info
I decided we needed a better installation solution than running a bulky power inverter to be able to use the G2 for the Install App. It seemed the best solution was to find a way to connect the rechargeable batteries [that the installer already carries and charges] to a G2. The first unit (shown above) is for use with a Makita 18V Li-ion battery.

I cracked open a G2 to do some investigation and run some tests. It turns out the first step in the G2 is to rectify the input and feed the system with DC. So, the system should run if it is provided with DC of a high enough voltage at the 120VAC plug. I didn’t have my variable voltage source available, so I just played with some various DC and PoE supplies I had at home. It would not do anything with 12V. At 24V, the power board would show the necessary voltages to feed the wireless board, but the wireless board would not actually power up. When given 48V at the plug, however, everything worked correctly. [I would be interested to find out from Mimosa what the appropriate DC input range actually would be.]

So, I picked the cheapest tool I could find to serve as the battery mount with an integrated switch, in this case it is a Makita DML186W Flashlight for about $19. I also got a DC-DC converter to step up from the 18V battery to a 48V output. This was about $6.

I disabled the flashlight, but kept the old board as a mounting surface for the DC-DC converter:

I glued my G2 back together… and had a fun time trying to solder to the 120VAC plug to the DC-DC converter…

I wanted the assembly to be able to be opened in the future, so the plug adapter is only glued to one side of the flashlight. The inside needed a little trimming for everything to fit, but it worked out without much effort. I painted the inside of the light lens black, so it would look nice. I ran some zip ties through the body and made some hot glue pads to help keep the G2 in one spot when mounted:

We’re still working on the work flow, but this has already been a very nice tool to have. You can mount the radio and plug this in to the installer before running wires. The firmware and configuration process can be run while you are working on other installation tasks. Ideally, all the waiting time can be streamlined, but the App is not quite that self-sufficient yet and needs a decent amount of interaction (But I understand it is being improved in several ways).

I’m pleased with the outcome. The next version will be for a Milwaukee 12V.

Some additional pictures of the final assembly:


That looks very well done. We too have gone though several iterations of homemade battery powered PoE/Wifi devices over the years. Now we just use PowerLINKs (from Link Technologies) with the 24v to 48v adapter. Its a bit pricey, but compact and easy to use. We can generally go about 20 installs between charges.

Thank you. I have also looked at the PowerLINK (I wanted one when you could only get them from Europe but never followed through), but for Mimosa they say the Mimosa Install App only works with a G2, That is the primary reason I had to figure out how to setup a battery powered G2.