G2 PoE on other products

I noticed that Mimosa recommends that we use the PoE adaptor they make, I’m cool with that. It also said if we have questions to ask, so I am.

We are moving from Cambum Force 180, and 200 units, when possible we want to swap out the Cambium PoE with the G2 replacing our cnPolot R200 series indoor customer WiFi spots and the Cambium PoE injector with one product so that when we get around to swapping their radio out we do not have to even come into the customers home, like if they are at work and we know we will not disturb them.

Can Mimosa check and see if this would be an issue. I admit I’m clueless on power and PoE.

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Hi Mario,

The G2 output power is 48V 210mA, so you would need to compare that with the input requirement of the radios you want to power.

I see from their datasheets that the radios consume up to 10 Watts and have input voltage of 10-30 volts.

From the looks of it, the output voltage from the G2 (48V) would not be compatible with the input voltage of the other radios (30V).

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