G2 PoE port not working with external Switch

Hi everyone.
Is this possible: PoE port of G2 not compatible with normal external switch!
As soon as I attach PoE port to a normal switch it turns off the G2 device.

You should not connect a POE port to a normal switch. The switch can not accept power from a the Passive POE. The G2 is probably turning off as a precaution.

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Hi, I solve using Gigabit switch.
It works, although is not visible in CloudManagement.

Could this be e Product feature? I mean making this product constable from the cloud
for troubleshooting and the other features MIMOSA has thought for it under C5 client also NOT behind C5 client?


The G2 can only connect to the cloud through C5 and A5 parents. For efficiency, the A5 collects all of the information from child C5s and G2s, and then sends it to the cloud along with its own data in a single package.

Hi Chris, yes I knew. But thought perhaps it could be useful in other systems to be implemented the same features.


OK, understood. There is an existing feature request for G2 cloud support that does not require A5/C5, so I will add your comments to reinforce it.