GPS Sync Firmware

Just wondering if anyone has a timeline on the release for GPS-sync compatible firmware?

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Based on forum posts, it’s scheduled for this quarter.

So anytime now I guess?

Hope so, not much time left this quarter.

A quick update New Years Update!

We officially began initial beta testing early this week of the GPS Sync TDMA 2.2 software release.

I’ve received a number of questions about whether there were technical issues causing the delays so far, I’d like to clarify this has purely been Mimosa ensuring we had adequate internal multipoint test networks in place in real-world GPS sync typical environments, not just lab testing or simulation. Since this is our first major multipoint release, we needed to spend the time to expand our outdoor network to bake out the software, and validate both local tower A5c sector sync and distributed geographic A5 MicroPoPs with a representative scale of clients. This is all to avoid wasting your time as best as we can.

So that you all understand our multipoint beta process, we do the beta test staging sequentially, adding new beta users that we’ve carefully surveyed AP and client distribution scenarios on existing A5/A5c/C5 deployments. As we see continued success and have confidence that it’s high quality software, we expand to new beta users. So while we have talked with many users about beta testing, we are coordinating this cycle carefully to make sure we have resources here at Mimosa in support and engineering to analyze every deployment carefully.

So some good news at the end of the year, but it’s likely at least a 6 week process to get to full release for the software to get out into the wild in general release.

Happy New Years everyone!

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Sounds great Jaime, I appreciate the response, this was exactly what I was looking for.

Yep +1 on that.

I needed to get some certainty on my near-term plans. Thanks Jamie.

So 4th Qtr is end of year? Maybe 2018 1st Qtr Stable release?

Any news about TDMA firmware ?

We’re within 2 weeks or release and are undergoing the final validations. You can expect Sync beta result stories written up in the next week.


After how many times you think it will be available the firmware after published beta results ?

Where do we find the stories of the TDMA sync experience from beta users?

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We are ordering the first 2 A5-14 units for a massive rural deployment. this is the beta test versus Ubiquiti ( being pushed by our WISP partner).Will these ship with the TDMA software?

TUESDAY :point_left::grin:

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Tuesday for stories or firmware release? (crossing fingers for the latter!)

Yes x 2 - should be a fun week!


Today is the day :wink:

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Tomorrow actually. Still Monday in most parts of the world. :3

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Well, it’s Wednesday here now - holding my breath :grimacing:

Well it sounds funny after seeing the GPS sync story posted by Rory today.
The story posted for GPS sync looks like it was tested in a very clean spectrum enviorenment which doesnt reflect real world scenarios at all.
The guy is using 80mhz channels ! :slight_smile:
You were better off testing it in a lab environment instead of spending money and testing it in a super clean RF environment.

As a side note: We cant even use 20mhz due to high interference + noise (around -70dbm ) in my part of the world (which is similar for WISPs in most of the world)

I was expecting a real test and a good techincal write up from a real world scenario.